Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson to possibly join Australian thriller Rover

David Michod

David Michôd is the name of the guy who wrote and directed the fantastic and gripping Australian crime flick ANIMAL KINGDOM, meaning that David Michôd is a name you should learn right quick.  And this is the perfect opportunity, as his next project is certainly moving along with the possible casting of Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson. 

This would be a reunion for Michôd and Pearce as they worked together on ANIMAL KINGDOM, though ROVER would give Pearce the chance to do much more than merely have a supporting role as he would play "a man who pursues a group of men who stole his car through the wild and rugged Australian Outback."  Pattinson meanwhile would play one of the thieves in question.  ROVER was written by Michôd, and is based on an original idea that he had with his ANIMAL KINGDOM star Joel Edgerton.

Of course I'm immediately wondering if there is more to this story than meets the eye - is there something special about/in the car that makes it worth the journey for Pearce, or is his dilemma more just that he's pissed the hell off and doesn't want to die by being stranded in the often-unforgiving Outback? Definitely more on this as we hear it.

Guy Pearce in Animal Kingdom

Extra Tidbit: For whatever it is worth, ANIMAL KINGDOM was a favorite of Tarantino's in 2010. Also, I really hope that Pearce's car in ROVER is a Land Rover.
Source: Variety



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