Guy Pearce Interview: The Seventh Day, Ravenous and more (EXCLUSIVE)

In the new horror flick The Seventh Day (out now via Vertical Entertainment), Guy Pearce plays a veteran Exorcist tasked with training a younger, more naive priest in the ways of demonic possession. Very much “Training Day meets The Exorcist”, it’s a fun little movie elevated by Pearce and co-star Vadhir Derbez, plus cameos by the great Keith David (channeling Max Von Sydow) and Stephen Lang.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with Guy Pearce, who’s long been one of my favourite actors, via Zoom this week. We had a great talk about the movie, plus he indulged me with some great stories from the set of RAVENOUS and weighed-in on that film’s enduring cult following. Unsurprisingly, he also shares my love of the masterful L.A. Confidential and The Proposition. Check it out!

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