Guy Ritchie is favored over Shawn Levy to direct the Cannonball Run remake

Back in February, we heard that Guy Ritchie might helm the remake of THE CANNONBALL RUN. This was all speculation. But it looks like it was more real than originally thought.

Apparently Shawn Levy is very interested in directing the project with Ben Stiller in the lead. Levy won't get the chance if Ritchie steps in. Ritchie is favored highly when it comes to a director for the project. Right now, Ritchie is considering it and will likely try to get Brad Pitt in the lead along with some of his fellow OCEAN'S ELEVEN co-stars.

There are also talks of General Motors making a deal with the remake. Basically they would supply all the vehicles for the film. Ritchie has interest in shooting part of the film in Europe so one can assume that he would be taking advantage of the autobahn. Because really, how cool would that be?

While I'm still sort of so-so on Ritchie taking on this remake and not really a fan of remaking it in general, I'd rather he have it than Levy.

Source: Vulture



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