Guy Ritchie might do a remake of Cannonball Run?

Guy Ritchie to direct a remake of THE CANNONBALL RUN?


Badass Digest got wind of the news from an agency source that this was happening. The source mentioned that Ritchie wanted George Clooney for the Burt Reynolds role. They then swiftly followed up by getting in touch with Ritchie's camp who said that this was the first they had heard of it. But Clooney of all people? Devin from Badass Digest suggests that this casting choice sounds a little contrived and obvious, leading him to believe that it might be something only in the planning stages.

Do we need another CANNONBALL RUN? Don't we say this anytime a reboot is the topic of conversation? This movie worked for 1981. Of course you can reboot it, but Ritchie would make it something else completely. It wouldn't be as corny or goofy or have Adrienne Barbeau's legendary jugs. I like Ritchie's films (except SWEPT AWAY), I just don't see this as a match.

Maybe it will be just a rumor, although knowing Hollywood these days, anything is possible.

Extra Tidbit: Turd Ferguson
Source: Badass Digest



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