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Both horror and comics are still palatable on the giant undulating tongue of Hollywood, and what better time to make an announcement than just before Comic Con? Maybe it'll help sell a few extra comics, which sadly get nudged aside more each year to make way for movies, TV, videogames, collectibles, DVDs and fully functioning lightsaber replicas. And five-dollar cookies.

For a few years, Rogue has been developing a flick based on the Devil's Due comic HACK/SLASH (which despite the name is not about bad writers and fetish fiction), and has a new director in place. Commercial guy Fredrik Bond will now handle the hacking and the slashing, replacing the previously attached Todd Lincoln (who's since moved on to APPARITION and THE NYE INCIDENTS). Bond is also working on an American remake of the acclaimed South Korean monster movie THE HOST.

Tim Seeley and Stefano Caseli's high-concept HACK/SLASH comic is sort of like "Buffy" meets FREDDY vs. JASON meets the entire Full Moon Pictures back catalog -- it follows the exploits of rough-and-tumble gal Cassie and her deformed, hulking partner Vlad as they stalk archetypal horror-movie slashers. As the daughter of a vicious demented killer known as "The Lunch Lady", it's a subject familiar to Cassie (a role virtually engineered for Megan Fox, long before anyone even knew who she was).

The Hack/Slash movie is being produced by Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh, who also have JONNY QUEST and a giant tub of other properties in the works.

Extra Tidbit: The comic was previously brought to life as a play called "Hack/Slash: Stage Fright."
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