Haggis back on Bond

Paul Haggis Scriptland, the LA Times' weekly love letter to the Hollywood script-writing underclass, is reporting that race relations emperor and one-time James Bond messiah Paul Haggis will once again be infusing the script for the upcoming BOND 22 with a much needed dose of heart-stopping drama, jaw-dropping pathos and powerful race relations insight. Though Haggis has a lot on his plate right now, the most notable of which is his directorial effort IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, he was lured back into script tweaking the franchise after enough money was thrown at him to declare himself an independent sovereignty. In the same article, Scriptland also reports that Tony Scott, Jonathan Mostow, Marc Forster and Alex Proyas are on the short list of directors in the running to helm BOND 22. Whoa, an Alex Proyas directed Bond film? Now that's a boner-inducing prospect. Clickie on the above link for the full article.

Extra Tidbit: Two weeks after suffering a heart attack, Haggis was back in the director's chair on the set of CRASH. The man's dedication to racial injustice is unparalleled.
Source: LA Times



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