Haggis on Bond 22

Paul Haggis Serious-minded "Entourage" cameo star Paul Haggis, during his promotional duties for his truth exposing Iraq war centered directorial effort IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, took a little time to give an update on his continued effort to make the upcoming BOND 22 the most pathos laden action movie dealing with a tortured super spy who bangs a ludicrous amount of women in the history of film. "I'm on page 22. I'm not writing it today because I'm here, but I was writing it up until 8 p.m. last night. It's a lot of fun. It's a whole different set of muscles," he told a group of assembled journalists. As for Carice van Houten rumored to be a Bond girl? "She's great, isn't she -- but she's not going to be in this one," he mentioned, adding, "Everyone says they know what the ending is, and they're wrong. Everyone thinks they know about the Bond Girls, and they're wrong." Well, aren't we a little Bond girl sensitive? To read more of what he said, including the exact time when the second film begins, click HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Haggis has written for "The Love Boat", "Different Strokes", "The Facts of Life", "Who's the Boss?" and yes, "Walker, Texas Ranger".
Source: IGN



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