Hail to Burger King

You've probably been haunted by the unnerving and ubiquitous Burger King mascot, who has a penchant for suddenly revealing his eerie stone-faced visage in everything from football games to some guy's bedroom. Will this regal creep soon venture beyond snack bars and right into the theaters?

Along with word that the zeitgeist-invading Geico cavemen somehow deserve their own TV series comes the announcement that the global fast-food chain has designs on getting their mute main man into a movie. (And no, I am not fabricating any of this.) The artery-clogging conglomerate best known for making various animals somehow taste like savory beef supposedly has a studio and distributor already lined up for this flame-broiled film, and aims at "creating a back story for the king." Shudder away!

And yet somehow, he's still not as creepy as Ronald McDonald. Clowns... *brrrr*

Thanks (I think) to Blake for the tip.

Extra Tidbit: Gamers could take control of the King in several XBox 360 games including SNEAK KING, which was simultaneously the greatest and worst game ever created.
Source: MSN



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