Halle Berry takes to car action to rescue her son in the trailer for Kidnap

It all starts on a warm, summer day when Halle Berry (probably not the character's name) and her son go to the park and are overly cute with each other. Ya know, in the way that movies portray a couple who are just asking for bad things to happen. Before you know it, Berry's kid is kidnapped and it's time to take matters to high-speed car chases in the trailer for KIDNAP!

Generally there's nothing that parents won't do for their kids, so I imagine that there's a good amount of satisfaction to be found with Halle Berry going all "f*ck the police!" and taking matters into her own hands. KIDNAP knows what kind of entertainment it is and while it's arguable whether or not this is worth the theater experience, perhaps there's an entertaining ride to found in this one. Except for that overly cutesy bullshit in the beginning. No one wants to see that.

KIDNAP opens in theaters on December 2, 2016.

Source: Relativity



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