Halloween has best horror preview night of the year with $7.7 million total

Early predictions for HALLOWEEN are placing the movie on track for a possible $70-80 million opening weekend, which is astounding for a horror movie with a budget of $10 million. The new entry in the long-running horror franchise has an excellent shot at reaching those lofty heights, as the numbers coming out of its Thursday night showings give it the biggest horror preview of the year with $7.7 million.

This number tops the totals of other 2018 hits like THE NUN ($5.4 million) and A QUIET PLACE ($4.3 million), both of which easily topped $100+ million total at the box office. The movie didn’t quite live up to another similar horror outing, last year’s IT ($13.4 million), but HALLOWEEN’s total is more than enough to prove people are dying to see Michael Myers back in stabbing action.

Now, these numbers could reflect some heavy front-loading thanks to fans of the series, but the recognizability of the character, the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, the release near Halloween, and the excellent reviews might just be the perfect concoction for a hit that brings in a broad audience. As well. there hasn’t been a major horror film in theaters since last month’s THE NUN, so audiences are probably clamoring for a scary good time at the movies.

I saw the movie last night in a crowded theater, and the audience ate it up from start to finish. There was tension in the air, gasps, screams and a strong reaction to what humor was offered up (more than you think, and it all works). Should many early screenings earn this same reaction, that word of mouth will spread, giving HALLOWEEN long legs to go with that big opening weekend.

HALLOWEEN is FINALLY in theaters today!

Source: BoxOffice Pro



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