Han, Chewie & Woody are on display in new Han Solo set pic

Despite reports hinting that the HAN SOLO movie’s production is being ran like a circus where monkeys are the ring leaders and the clowns are just bears that got into the make-up room, the movie is indeed back on schedule and filming is going smoothly. As evidence, new photos have dropped (a.k.a leaked) from the set featuring Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, and the furry Chewbacca hard at work.

TMZ got ahold of the photos showing the three speaking to a female character, who many are speculating to be Emilia Clarke’s character. Harrelson looks like the leader of the trio, perhaps explaining for their actions during some reprimanding scenario. Or they’re getting medals for being cool dudes. Who can say?

The gang looks to be in some sort of museum or warehouse, so maybe they broke in and are now being accosted for attempted thievery. Or, they’re being hired to smuggle something for Clarke’s character. Again, who can say? But ultimately this is a solid look at the characters and their costumes, which is an astounding amount of info to have considering these STAR WARS movies are more guarded than a circus where every trapeze artist is a lion dressed like Elton John. I don’t know why I’m thinking about circuses so much.

The HAN SOLO movie arrives May 2018.

Source: TMZ



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