Hans Zimmer replaces Jack White as composer for The Lone Ranger

The announcement that Jack White was going to score THE LONE RANGER was a definite boost for me to see the movie. Being a huge White Stripes fan, I know that White's love of old Americana would influence the soundtrack in a positive way. Seeing as he already contributed greatly to COLD MOUNTAIN, I figured THE LONE RANGER would be an interesting fit for him.

Well, it apparently was not meant to be as word has come down that White will no longer score THE LONE RANGER and Gore Verbinski will instead go with his old stalwart, Hans Zimmer. It probably should have been a giveaway that Zimmer's name was in the new trailer credits, but I didn't even notice that until I saw it mentioned on IndieWire.

Disney's statement reads: “Oscar winner Hans Zimmer, the musical mastermind behind Disney’s and Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ has signed on to compose the score for ‘The Lone Ranger.’ Jack White, who had originally been contemplated to score and has contributed several pieces of music to the production, was logistically unavailable due to scheduling conflicts that arose when the film’s release moved to July of 2013.”

White has already created some music that will still be featured in the movie but the score will be primarily Zimmer.

Zimmer is by no means a bad choice. His score for RANGO was one of my favorites and shows clearly he has an ear for the style of the Old West. I was just hoping for a unique sound experience that I know Jack White would have brought to THE LONE RANGER. Just listen to The White Stripes cover of "Black Jack Davey" and tell me you can't hear a badass score nestled in there.

THE LONE RANGER opens in theaters on July 3, 2013.

Source: IndieWire



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