Happy Death Day 2 to kick off production this month

The horror-thriller genre is going through a bit of resurgence recently, with some of the most unique and profitable movies coming out (GET OUT, SPLIT, IT, A QUIET PLACE) being of the terrifying variety. Audiences are flocking to these fright fests, turning the small-budgeted films into massive hits, with some spawning possible new franchises. Such is the case with HAPPY DEATH DAY, which will begin production on the sequel next week.

Deadline got the scoop that the sequel to last year’s horror hit from Blumhouse is all set to begin production on the sequel on May 10, with stars Jessica RotheIsrael Broussard, and director Christopher Landon returning. A bit has been shared on the plot with Rothe saying in the past that the movie will pick up where the last film left off and have a BACK TO THE FUTURE-esque style.

A sequel to the horror flick should come as no surprise. The movie made $123 million globally off a $5 million budget and garnered some pretty solid reviews from critics. The movie was just one feather in Blumhouse’s cap last year, with SPLIT and GET OUT both cracking $100 million domestically and the latter receiving serious Oscar nominations (and one win for Original Screenplay). A sequel to SPLIT – GLASS – is also set for early 2019.

HAPPY DEATH DAY was a decent little horror surprise for some. I wasn’t all that blown away by it, being far more impressed with Rothe’s committed, energetic performance than the movie as a whole. The movie could’ve had more fun with the clever premise had it been rated-R, rather than as a PG-13, teen-geared horror flick. Maybe the sequel will be a little bolder and play with the time travel aspect even more. Am I expecting too much from a sequel to a movie called HAPPY DEATH DAY?


Source: Deadline



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