Happy's face says it all in new promo for the SyFy series

I've been really looking forward to the hitman-with-an-imaginary friend SyFy series HAPPY for a while now. Based on a graphic novel by Grant Morrison, the story follows Christopher Meloni as the aforementioned hitman trying to save a little girl with the help of the titular imaginary friend Happy, voiced by Patton Oswalt (originally Bobby Moynihan in the pilot, before leaving to do ME, MYSELF, AND I for CBS).

However, this is the first promo where I wasn't quite feeling it. Sure, Happy's reaction is funny, and almost makes up for it, but I just don't see the impetus for the joke. Like, if he's being attacked by goons, why is he wasting time on a sight gag? Or, stranger, what if he is actually getting off? Either way, it seems a bit tone deaf. Not that it's too graphic (because a) it's technically not graphic at all, and b) he's been established as a drunk, so even him peeing on the guy would make more sense in character...though that also wouldn't be ideal either). Anyway, hopefully this is an outlier, because I've enjoyed everything else I've seen from this show so far.

Meanwhile, HAPPY! will premiere on SyFy December 6th!

Extra Tidbit: I honestly wish these promos were longer. I don't think I've heard Happy say more than one line in any of them!
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