Hardy Men writer

I don't remember them sharing actual scenes in TROPIC THUNDER, but Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller will be spending plenty of screen time together in THE HARDY MEN.

Though the project has been kicking around for years, a new writer has been brought on board to corral their ideas into a (hopefully) amusing story. And it's someone with a history of oddball pairing -- screenwriter Ed Solomon (MEN IN BLACK, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE) is coming up with a new mystery for the aged Hardy Boys to solve.

The movie is, of course, an comedic update of the popular kid detective books (and TV series) "The Hardy Boys", with Stiller and Cruise playing the estranged siblings who reunite to investigate a new crime in between physical humor and bicker-banter. Stiller's NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM director Shawn Levy is still attached to direct.

Extra Tidbit: The two have actually been friends for years, after Cruise began admiring Stiller’s impersonation of him on "THE BEN STILLER SHOW" and his MI:2 spoof "MISSION IMPROBABLE."
Source: THR



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