Harlem's Queen faces a massive challenge in final Luke Cage trailer

Alfre Woodard’s Mariah Dillard was left in a position of power at the end of the first season of LUKE CAGE, and come the second season she is the full-on Queen of Harlem. But with power comes challenge, and the final trailer for the show highlights her struggle with the Bushmaster. Cage (Mike Colter) is no fan of Dillard, but understands Bushmaster is an even bigger threat, so the two must put their animosities aside to bring him down.  But is she just using Cage for an even more nefarious end? I guess we will have to wait and see. But the answer is probably “yes.”

Here is a synopsis of Dillard’s role in the new season:

Mariah Dillard is faced with an imminent and formidable threat to her hold over Harlem - the unstoppable Bushmaster. Armed with Mariah’s deepest secrets, Bushmaster endangers everything that she holds most dear. Meanwhile, Luke Cage wrestles with the idea of intervening and protecting Mariah for the good of Harlem. The final preview of Marvel’s Luke Cage season two gives us a closer look at Luke’s bulletproof foil, Bushmaster, played by new cast member Mustafa Shakir. With Bushmaster and Mariah going head-to-head over the fate of Harlem, Luke will have to decide if the enemy of his enemy, is actually the ally he needs.

This trailer does a fine job of letting us see how the movie will tie together all these characters and teases just how high the stakes are. What also helps is how incredibly badass the action scenes look, and all of it together is making me really excited for this new season. I've been less engaged with the shows post-IRON FIST, but maybe this will put me back into the binging mode. 

LUKE CAGE season two hits Netflix June 22.

Source: Netflix



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