Harley Quinn, Star Wars and much more invade our Comic Con Cosplay Gallery

It's that special time of year, again, folks! No, Santa Claus isn't ready to commit a B&E on your home just yet, we're talking about San Diego Comic-Con 2017! 

This year, thousands of film buffs, comic enthusiasts, and cosplay extraordinaires have flocked to San DIego Convention Center to get their geek on for one of the world's biggest celebrations of media-related entertainment! 

Of course, we here at JoBlo have made our triumphant return to this year's show, and as a part of our coverage, we're proud to bring you a bold, beautiful, and varied cosplay gallery featuring a selection of guests who're ready to strut their stuff!

So break out your sewing machine, drop your latest paycheck on that utility belt you've been eyeing, and prepare to be inspired by some of the coolest cosplay from this year's geektastic extravaganza!

We'd like to thank all of the talented individuals for being such great sports and for giving their consent to be a part this year's gallery. We hope that you've all enjoyed yourselves, this weekend, and look forward to seeing you next year. Cheers!

Extra Tidbit: If all you wear is a mask and nothing else, you're not cosplaying.
Source: JoBlo.com



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