Harmony Korine and Matthew McConaughey's Beach Bum finds distribution

While we've heard news of Harmony Korine and Matthew McConaughey's collaboration BEACH BUM, "an irreverent comedy that follows the misadventures of Moondog (McConaughey), a rebellious and lovable rogue who lives life large" starting production, we can now report that it is officially getting distribution from NEON and VICE, and will be coming out in 2018.

Here's what a spokesperson from NEON said about the project:

We’ve been huge fans of the singularly talented Harmony Korine for a very long time now. Together with our good friends at Vice we’re tickled to death to launch The Beach Bum, which promises to be a wild, crazy and intoxicating piece of cinema.

And Vice COO Eddy Moretti added:

Harmony is like family to me, and to all of us at Vice for over a decade. And finally we can work together creatively on his most ambitious, hilarious, and oddly existential film. And this is just the beginning of making more movie magic with Harmony. We have lots of wonderfully weird things up our sleeves. I’d also like to say that in Tom Quinn and Tim League of Neon, Vice has found a true partnership based on friendship, trust, and common artistic sensibilities. More to come from Vice and Neon as well!

As a fan of (most of) Harmony Korine's films, this sounds pretty fun. Not as ambitious of some of his other films (like MISTER LONELY, or even his previous SPRINGBREAKERS) for sure, but Korine has a knack for giving detail, texture, and care to his weirdo characters and specific sub-cultures he explores (going all the way back to his first features GUMMO and JULIEN DONKEY-BOY). So while the premise doesn't quite wow me, I'm still willing to give Korine a chance. Though I admit he's definitely an acquired taste.

But what do you Schmoes think? Any other fans of Korine? And if so, how does BEACH BUM sound to you? Either way, sound off below!

Besides news of BEACH BUM coming out next year, there's no other firm release date yet. We'll keep you posted when that changes..

Extra Tidbit: While I like Korine's oveure overall, no one can convince me TRASH HUMPERS was a good movie.
Source: Deadline



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