Harold Ramis' daughter on including a CG Egon Spengler in next Ghostbusters

Harold Ramis Ghostbusters

We're entering a strange world, where deceased actors can be brought back through the magic of visual effects to take part in movies years, even decades, after their deaths. In the case of Paul Walker, who passed away in a tragic accident after already completing half of his work on FURIOUS 7, such measures are understandable, but resurrecting Peter Cushing to reprise his role of Grand Moff Tarkin in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY over twenty years after his death raised questions about the morality of using his likeness. This certainly won't be the last time we witness a deceased actor return to a role, and the latest CG resurrection making the rounds could be Harold Ramis stepping back into the shoes of Egon Spengler for another GHOSTBUSTERS film.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Ivan Reitman teased several GHOSTBUSTERS projects in the works, including a new live-action film, and was asked whether they had given any consideration to creating CG versions of the original cast (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, & Harold Ramis), which Reitman said was "possible" and "something we're thinking of." Ramiss daughter, Violet Ramis Stiel, responded to Ivan Reitman's comments while speaking with THR, describing the situation as "bizarre."

It's bizarre. Personally, for me, it is hard to imagine that people would accept it, but who knows. The technology now is amazing.

I can't imagine how serious any talk of the original cast returning really is, but as the Paul Feig reboot didn't exactly re-ignite the franchise, who knows what Reitman has in mind. However, if it comes to pass that there's a role for Egon Spengler in a future GHOSTBUSTERS film, Ramis Stiel said that it would be fine with her so long as the work is exceptional. "I try to think what would he have thought," she said. "If it's great and it works, then good. And if there is a problem, then obviously no.

Keep in mind that this is just a lot of talk at the moment, and the likelihood of Harold Ramis somehow taking part in another GHOSTBUSTERS film should be followed by a sizeable question mark. I do hope that they're able to get GHOSTBUSTERS back on track however; I was rooting for Paul Feig's remake, I really was, but I found the end-result to be terribly mediocre.

What's your stance on digitally resurrecting deceased actors and how would you feel about Egon Spengler returning for more GHOSTBUSTERS?

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