Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch adorably beat around the bush when it comes to Star Wars

We know nothing about STAR WARS: EPISODE VII. The internet is full of rumors which include casting, possible titles, plots, etc. Everyone I talk to eventually brings the subject up: "So, you heard what they're saying about the new STAR WARS?" Um, probably, but try me. No matter what the response, most people are genuinely excited about the next installment. It's been 8 years since STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH hit theaters. That feels like forever ago.

In a great moment that takes place on THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW, Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch both playfully dance around the subject when STAR WARS is brought up by Norton. Ford points at Cumberbatch then back at himself. Cumberbatch, the first to say anything, immediately redirects to Ford by noting:

"It's safe to say you're in it, I think, yeah…"

Regardless of any hint, lack of confirmation, or whatever, what transpires between the two is pretty amazing. Check it out below:



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