Harrison Ford does not, I repeat, does not want to kill off Indiana Jones

Earlier there were some reports going around that Harrison Ford wanted INDIANA JONES to die in the next movie and pass the trademark hat to his son.

These rumors boys and girls are false. He denied it. Denied it. Well, his reps denied it, but obviously he was like, "It's time to end this goofy shit."

We haven't really talked about Indy 5 since March. Then it was just a "germ of an idea". By now it's got to be like, a snowball slowly going down a mega snowy hill. Well, one can only hope anyway. Harrison Ford just doesn't seem very enthused these days. It's no biggie. The guy is nearing 70 and he's done a ton of cool shit. He gets a pass, from me anyway.

The rumor at hand probably came out of the fact that there's been nothing on the next film. Someone is getting extreme ants in their pants. They were saying that Ford wanted to get rid of the character and that George Lucas was against it and Steven Spielberg was considering it. They were comparing it to the Han Solo situation. Ford wanted to get rid of the character and Lucas wanted to keep it. Doesn't matter because the Indy rumor is nothing but bullshit.

But what if it was true? What if Ford really wanted to kill off Indy and pass the torch to someone else (Shia LeBeouf)? Would you be okay with that? Should they keep going or call it quits all together?

Extra Tidbit: I love that Ford serves as a General Trustee on the Governing Board of the Archaeological Institute of America.
Source: Huffington Post



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