Harrison Ford tries on another new hat as Wyatt Earp

It may be a long time (or never) before Harrison Ford places the famed fedora of Indiana Jones upon his cranium again, but COWBOYS & ALIENS may have sparked the actor's affection for headwear.

Nearly lost in the Comic Con blitz was a report that Ford will star in BLACK HATS, playing the Old West legend Wyatt Earp in his later days as a detective.

The blend of fact and fiction is based on the novel by Max Allen Collins (under the pseudonym Patrick Culhane), who penned the graphic novel source material of ROAD TO PERDITION.

Amazon tells me this about BLACK HATS: "Doc Holliday's widow commissions the spry 70-year-old [Earp] to head east to New York, where Doc's son, Johnny, owns a speakeasy. Along with his old pal Bat Masterson, Earp finds in Holliday's lucrative speak the promise of a gold rush and figures to cash in himself, until a gang of Brooklyn bootleggers issues a promising young thug named Capone to muscle in on the works. Earp and Capone are ultimately both fortune hunters, neither afraid to work some lead into the air to get what they want."

Writer Kurt Johnstad (300) is working on the adaptation. Heat Vision says Ford liked "the idea of an old gunfighter with his .45 walking the streets of 1920s Big Apple."

And who the hell wouldn't want to see him doing that?

Extra Tidbit: Other Ford movie hats that didn't become quite so iconic: HANOVER STREET, THE FRISCO KID, K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER.
Source: Heat Vision



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