Harrison Ford will never again be your dirty little smuggler

Without a doubt, one of the coolest characters in cinematic history has to be Han Solo.

Well, some might figure that if Harrison Ford can play Indy at 66, would he play Han once more? It's not an issue of can't, the guy just doesn't want to.

As most STAR WARS fans know, there have been rumors of a third trilogy in 3D. Now that AVATAR is out, and didn't do too shabby, will those rumors turn into talks? Sadly, I have no answer for that one. George Lucas says that the stories have already been told through other creators and mediums such as books, comics, and video games.

Who knows if Lucas will get a wild hair up his ass and decide to return to a galaxy far, far away. All I know is Harrison Ford will never pilot the Millennium Falcon again. To hear it yourself, check out the video.

Extra Tidbit: Han's response to Leia's 'I love you' was 'I know'. How many guys do you think actually try to pull that shit off? Harrison Ford is the only guy who could get by with it.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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