Harry Potter's son is starting his first year at Hogwarts today

Who's up for a nice sharp dose of fantastical reality that is sure to have you feeling rather old?

Author J.K. Rowling is more than happy to oblige, as earlier today she reminded all Harry Potter fans that today, September 1, is the first day of term at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sounds like no big deal, right?


Because it isn't just any old first day of term here in 2015. It is James Sirius Potter's introduction to his first year at the famous school within the wizarding world.

And who is James Sirius Potter you non-Potter-heads might ask? Only the eldest son of Harry Potter, the boy who lived and went on to defeat Voldemort. The 11-year-old fictional offspring is setting off on his own path of learning, and having watched Harry Potter grow up in front of our very eyes, and now knowing one of his children is at the same starting point where we met him, I guess I should go outside and start yelling at some kids to get off my lawn. 

It's only the natural progression, right?

Extra Tidbit: Harry Potter's second son, Albus Severus, is set to start his first year in 2017.



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