Has The Wolverine been delayed again? Update: NO

RUMOR BUSTER: Spoke with a source close to the production who says that there are no new delays and the schedule for the film is the same as it has been for the past few months, when it was slated for a "spring 2012" start date. Our source says there is no official start date at this time but pre-production is moving ahead at its original schedule. As you were, internet.

Back in August, it was reported that THE WOLVERINE was being pushed back to 2012 in part because of difficulties finding a suitable Japanese shooting location and in part because of Jackman's commitment to LES MISERABLES. Now, Moviehole is reporting that the WOLVERINE sequel could be pushed back even further.

Their claim is that THE WOLVERINE has been delayed again from its early 2012 start date to an as-yet-unknown date later in the year. This quote - "They’ll resume talks again next year" - suggests production has been put on hold.

The reasons given seem to suggest some turmoil again with shooting in Japan and don't reflect the film's quality (they refer to the script as "stellar"). Though I was under the impression that under director James Mangold's regime, the majority of the film was going to use Vancouver as a stand-in for Japan with only a few weeks spent abroad.

LES MISERABLES, which Jackman is filming with Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, isn't set to begin production until next month, which would mean Crowe wouldn't be available until at least March of next month (and then he'd have to get back into full-on WOLVERINE shape). At this rate, maybe Darren Aronofsky will be back available when THE WOLVERINE is finally ready to begin filming...

Source: Moviehole



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