Hasbro is looking to remake Clue into a worldwide adventure film

Ever since TRANSFORMERS starting bringing in the big bucks for reasons unknown, studios have been trying to replicate the success with other board games. SEA TRANSFORMERS (aka BATTLESHIP) didn't really accomplish much, and the G.I. JOE movies have had a lukewarm reception. So what's next? A remake of CLUE, it seems.

This one has been in development for quite a while, but it looks like Hasbro Studios has finally assembled a new producing team to bring this one to fruition in the form of Josh Feldman for Hasbro Studios and Ryan Jones serving as executive producer. According to The Tracking Board, this film is being set up as a “worldwide mystery with action-adventure elements". As you can imagine, they're aiming to bring appeal to international markets with various locations around the globe and a varied cast.

The film from 1985 starring Tim Curry has picked up quite a cult following over the years, although I'm not sure how much interest a new film would even garner. I suppose I was a little interested in this project when Gore Verbinski's name was attached, but it looks like Hasbro has their own plans for this flick. At this point, what have we got to lose?



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