Havoc makes a mess in new First Class still

Thank god it's not another character poster.

Rather, this is a new still from X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, and it continues the stark coloring visual style we've seen from previous shots.

Countering the ice blue we saw in the Hellfire Club last time, we now have Havoc (Lucas Till) standing in a burning tunnel. I imagine him saying "Did I do thaaaat?" in a Steve Urkel voice. What's his power again? Shooting plasma out of his hands? Yeah, he kind of got the good genes in the family as Cyclops has to do that out of his eyes.

I'm really, really hoping that FIRST CLASS turns out to be good, but I'm wary because of the series last few installments that Fox is going to muck this up despite Matthew Vaughn's best efforts to deliver a coherent project.

And you know what? Just because I'm nice, I made a character poster for Havoc so Fox and Marvel don't have to. Though if they start circulating it as official, I'm suing.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 with more head-weiner. 

Extra Tidbit: Ten minutes, three layers.
Source: Empire



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