Hawke/Peet Cry

Ethan Hawke, Amanda Peet and Mark Ruffalo have signed on to star in the movie REAL MEN CRY, the progressive sequel to BOYS DON'T CRY. Joking aside, the film is an autobiographical crime drama written and directed by Brian Goodman. In case you were wondering, who the f*ck is this Goodman guy to write an autobiographical tough crime caper? Well: "I have three bullets in me, one in the back of my head," he told the THR interviewer, before snapping him in half and eating him with a handful of beef jerkey and the boiled skulls of Nazis. In the film, Hawke and Ruffalo will play childhood friends Paulie and Brian, respectively, who are forced to survive on the tough streets of South Boston through a life of petty thievery. They join a local gang of criminals, but Brian finds it hard to reconcile his work and friendship with Paulie and his relationship with his wife (Peet) and son. Apparently, Ruffalo and Hawke were always in Goodman's mind for the roles. "I sat down with Mark and Ethan and told them, 'You are two on a very short list of men who could've been in films 35 years ago, when men were men.'" Seriously? Are these guys really hard or something? I guess I can buy Hawke as a tough-guy but Ruffalo? Really?
Extra Tidbit: Peet is married to David Benioff, the dude who wrote a draft of the WOLVERINE movie.



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