Hawley, Kirkman, & the Russo Brothers team up for an FX crime series!

Welp, it looks as if this will be a happy Friday indeed, as we've just learned that Noah Hawley, Robert Kirkman, and Joe and Anthony Russo are joining forces in an effort to create a new crime series for FX! Yeah, I'm just going to let you chew on that for a moment before we move on to the next paragraph.

Are you all good, now? Composed? Here's the deal: The new series is currently titled THE MASTERMIND, is based on the investigative stories of Atavist Magazine co-founder and CEO Evan Ratliff. It will focus particularly on the true story of Paul Le Roux, a computer programmer and criminal cartel boss who became a DEA informant. As Variety has confirmed, The Russo brothers are poised to direct the series in addition to acting as the program's executive producers. Kirkman will also serve as an executive producer on THE MASTERMIND by way of his Skybound Entertainment banner alongside David Alpert. Meanwhile, LEGION's Noah Hawley will serve an executive producer through his 26 Keys banner, which he set up at FX Productions.

Oh man, I think I need to go and get myself a brown paper bag to huff into, or something. The combination of Hawley, Kirkman, and the Russo brothers is like the TV equivalent of a musical supergroup the likes of A Perfect Circle, Audioslave, Mad Season, or Les Claypool's Oysterhead.

We'll be sure to keep you in the know regarding any further developments having to do with THE MASTERMIND. For now, be sure to check out the mind-bendingly good first season of Noah Hawley's LEGION. In my opinion, it's one of the best superhero-related shows ever, and really showcases Hawley's talents as a showrunner and creator.   

Extra Tidbit: Much of Noah Hawley's Legion was directly inspired by Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album.
Source: Variety



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