Hayley Atwell can take care of herself in the second clip for Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter

I know many gentlemen who are big fans of Hayley Atwell especially after seeing her as Agent Peggy Carter in CAPTAIN AMERICA. I get it, she's a totally hot lady who kicks some serious ass.

What was cool for her character is that she got her own Marvel One-Shot set to release with the IRON MAN 3 DVD/Blu-Ray. We showed you the first clip a few weeks ago. Those who were lucky enough to attend Comic-Con this year got to see a screening of the One-Shot. We may have to wait until September 24th to see the short but for now I have a new clip to tide you over. Here we see Peggy in a bit of danger after making an interesting discovery.

Agent Carter is set one year after the events of The First Avenger, Peggy – still raw after the loss of Steve Rogers – has been transferred to a new government agency, where her boss (Bradley Whitford) seeks to oppress and undermine her at every turn, keeping her glued firmly to her desk while sending less competent male agents out into action. But when a tip-off comes in after hours, Peggy sees a chance to take on a dangerous mission.

Source: Empire



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