HBO lands Natalie Portman to star in new mystery series on tap

natalie portman

Remember that motto - "It's not TV. It's HBO"? Well, that mindset has held true when it comes to the mystery programming HBO has been unleashing on its subscribers in recent memory. One quality show after another that very quickly become must-watch for anyone who likes good television. TRUE DETECTIVE (at least Season One), THE JINX, now THE NIGHT OF... HBO has been on fire with a streak of excellent series in the mystery genre. And now they're adding another series to the mix, and it'll star Natalie Portman

Portman will topline WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES, adapted from Karen Joy Fowler's award-winning novel of the same name (so do some reading of your own if you want to know what it's about). However, at its most basic, the series is said to be rather "twist-heavy" and revolves around a "university student Rosemary Cooke, whose twin sister unexpectedly disappeared at the age of 5." Anything more than that is being kept under lock and key by HBO. They want to keep their mysteries mysterious for good reason. 

These short-run series have been attracting all sorts of solid talent that HBO is then able to capitalize on in making them as excellent as they are. Natalie Portman should fit right in with what HBO has been doing. 

we are all completely beside ourselves, karen joy fowler

Source: IndieWire



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