HBO promo shows off new Game of Thrones costumes

So a new promo for HBO was released, which showed off new costumes for the characters of GAME OF THRONES. Now, to be fair, the promo isn't just for GAME OF THRONES, but for the network itself (with appearances from the cast of SILICON VALLEY, VEEP, and...BALLERS...) However, GAME OF THRONES is the only show where we've discovered anything new or interesting about it besides "it exists" and "we got actors to do different takes of 'ahhhh...'"

What's most interesting about the GAME OF THRONES costumes - to me at least - is the attire that Daenerys is wearing...namely that it's all black and evil-looking. This could just be a stylistic thing (I think Tyrion is wearing something similar, which makes sense because it might be the official uniform of her army), OR it could be a symbol she's turning evil, which is what I think the endgame is. I'm aware that's baseless speculation (and borderline fan-fiction), but theorizing is part of the fun, right?

We also see Hodor in the promo, which means he might come back! (Except no. No he won't).

Meanwhile, next season of GAME OF THRONES will finally bring winter with it July 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: So, BALLERS is still a thing, huh?
Source: YouTube



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