HBO renews Westworld for a second season

WESTWORLD, another show in a long string of shows based on movies, is apparently a huge hit for HBO! In fact, it's actually getting better ratings than GAME OF THRONES' first season! Which means - you guessed it - the show is getting a second season renewal! Yay!

Showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy had this to say about the good news:

We’re thrilled that the saga of Westworld will continue for another season..During the lengthy journey to the screen, our incredibly talented actors, staff and crew became a family, and we look forward to the privilege of continuing this experience with them. We’re also thankful to all of our amazing partners at HBO, WBTV, and Bad Robot for their steadfast support, imagination and ambition. We simply couldn’t have made this show anywhere else.

Good for them, the show is awesome.

Two other shows from HBO are also getting renewed as well: DIVORCE starring Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker as the eponymous divorcees, and INSECURE, created by NIGHTLY NEWS anchor Larry Whitmore, about two black female friends and their awkward day-to-day trials-and-tribulations.

No release dates are set in stone yet, although DIVORCE and INSECURE are reportedly scheduled for sometime in 2017 while WESTWORLD, due its special-effects and larger scope, might not premiere until early 2018. 

So what say you guys? Fans of any of the shows? And if so, excited for more episodes?

Extra Tidbit: The 1973 WESTWORLD film had a sequel of its own, called FUTUREWORLD (1976).
Source: Deadline



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