HBO snags Danny McBride's televangelist comedy starring John Goodman

Praise Jebus! This next bit of news is filling me with the holy spirit, folks. Break out your Sunday best and prepare to exorcise your sins, because HBO has announced that they've blessed Danny McBride's upcoming televangelist comedy, THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, with a series order. Hallelujah!

When THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES channels itself onto HBO, the new comedy will tell the story of a world-famous televangelist family with a history of deviance, greed and, yes, charitable work, all in the name of Jesus. That said, you won't find the likes of Joel Osteen, Peter Popoff, or Tammy Faye worming their way into McBride's new project, no sir. The upcoming comedy will star none other than THE BIG LEBOWSKI and O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? alum John Goodman as Gemstone family patriarch Eli, who has built a global following via his ministry and weekly TV show. Though he's no longer the force he once was, he still expects unquestioned loyalty. (via THR)

Set to star alongside Goodman will be McBride as Eli's eldest son, Jesse, who is said to be keeping one eye up above, and one on his father's lucrative throne. You see, Jesse believes that he can make some changes to the family business, changes that will see them lining their pockets with even more of their good parishioners hard-earned money. Meanwhile, McBride won't be the only one getting in on the action. Edi Patterson (VICE PRINCIPALS, PARTNERS) and Adam Devine (WORKAHOLICS, MODERN FAMILY) will also star as Judy and Kelvin, Eli's other children, respectively. Cassidy Freeman (SMALLVILLE, DON'T LOOK BACK) will also board the comedy as Amber, Jesse's wife, who gave up a journalism career to devote herself to the church and her husband. Tony Cavalero (SCHOOL OF ROCK) is also signed to the series as Keefe Chambers, an ex-Satanist who was saved by Kelvin. Tim Baltz (SHRINK) will enter the church as BJ, Judy's fiance, and lastly, Gregory Alan Williams (REMEMBER THE TITANS, GREENLEAF) will play Martin Imari, Eli's trusted counsel.

THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES was created by Danny McBride, who will also executive produce via his Rough House Pictures partners Jody Hill and David Gordon Green. Put your hands together, folks, and pray that you don't die laughing when this new comedy ascends onto HBO.



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