Heath as Alexander

Add another hat into the Battle Royale that's fighting to see who can get a film based on the life of Alexander the Great started first.  Oliver Stone is set to direct Heath Ledger in the biopic ALEXANDER, making them the fourth Alexander the Great project in development.  They join a Mel Gibson produced HBO mini-series, a Martin Scorcese directed version starring Leonardo DiCaprio and a Dino De Laurentiis (HANNIBAL) tale possibly directed by Ridley Scott.  Stone's film is in prime position with an October 16th start date that would likely put it in theaters before any of the other films.   The director is currently working with writer Christopher Kyle (K-19) on rewriting the script.  The film will be financed by Intermedia, the same British company behind TERMINATOR 3. 

Personally I feel that the Oliver Stone version would be the least exciting of the bunch.  I'm not a big Heath Ledger fan either so I suppose that doesn't help.  I'd really like to see Ridley Scott take a crack at directing but I have a feeling after GLADIATOR and BLACK HAWK DOWN he might try to do something a little more lowkey.  Besides, that project is the furthest behind without even a finished script to work with.  HBO's mini-series could be an interesting watch but we'll have to wait until 2004 to get a glimpse of that one.

Source: Variety
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