Heather Graham comes back to the chaos for The Hangover Part III

What would the final installment of THE HANGOVER be without Heather Graham?

We don't have to wonder since the actress is joining the film. No telling what Jade the stripper will be up to this time around. I'm sure she will make things uncomfortable for Stu (Ed Helms). Maybe not that uncomfortable, she's a really nice lady.

Unfortunately, there are no juicy tidbits on Jade's return. All we know is that she will be back along with Mike Epps and Ken Jeong. It's also noted that several well-known actors will be making cameo roles. Rumor has it that director Todd Phillips wants to cram as many crazy celeb combos in as possible.

As far as the plot is concerned, rumor also has it that it will involve the guys breaking Alan (Zach Galifianakis) out of a mental institution. I have a feeling that this will be a vast improvement from the sequel.

THE HANGOVER PART III is set to release May 24, 2013.

Source: Variety



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