Heaven's Bidding War

It appears that there are talks being held regarding the acquisition of film rights for Jeff Krelitz's graphic novel "War in Heaven".

It's difficult to properly sum up just how cool this movie would be if done right, but maybe if I give you a little whiff of the premise you'll understand: essentially it's about Lucifer leading a rebellion in heaven. Much of the story centers around the enormous battle that takes place between armies of opposing Angels, with Gabriel on the one side, and Lucifer and those that have fallen from grace on the other.

It is believed that this will be the 'new 300'. I'd hate to slap that tag on it already, but it definitely would be ridiculously cool to see a huge battle between legions of Angels.

The graphic novel is for the moment, forthcoming, but the talk is that "several major comic book publishers, one being D.C., along with several studios' were locked in a bidding war over the past weekend."
Extra Tidbit: Madness? THIS IS HEAVEN! Scott Derrickson (THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE) is currently developing a movie adaptation of PARADISE LOST, the story of Lucifer's failed rebellion which brings about the fall of Adam and Eve.
Source: IESB.net



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