Heche is Spread

Jennifer Jason Leigh has dropped out of the Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy SPREAD. And Anne Heche has stepped into the lurch. The film is about a serial womanizer and Heche will play a woman he scorned. And that is about as interesting as this story gets. It is another rom-com from the Kutch. It is exciting on the same level that when you wake up in the morning and find that your front lawn has grown is exciting. Apparently Leigh dropped out because of her pregnancy, but most likely she just sobered up. The film is to be directed by David Mackenzie (YOUNG ADAM), from a screenplay by Jason Dean Hall.

Interestingly though, Laura Linney is apparently attached to the film, and she's a chick that usually makes film that have some kind of depth to them. And I'm pretty sure that Kutcher hates films with depth. If DC did a comic called Super Kutch, it would involve him running through Hollywood in a trucker hat and a cape, smashing into writers' homes, reading their scripts and then hitting them with a mallet if what they've written doesn't feature a scene where someone walks into a wall.
Extra Tidbit: Laura Linney - way under appreciated as a hot broad.



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