Helgeland goes to Nottingham

I think Brian Helgeland is one of the most talented writers in Hollywood. I really like him. And apparently so do a lot of people, because he's been brought on board to do some work on the script NOTTINGHAM for Ridley Scott. The film will be looking at the classic Robin Hood legend, except from a different perspective: the sheriff of Nottingham (Russell Crowe) will be more of a noble lawman who is on the hunt for the shady Robin Hood (who spends his nights being shady in Sherwood Forest and his days robbing the good people of the land). I'm all for the whole re-imagining old stories thing. This sounds pretty cool to me.

Helgeland won his Oscar for LA CONFIDENTIAL, but has been responsible for a ton of great movies, my favorites being MAN ON FIRE and A KNIGHT'S TALE. I love that movie. I just can't get enough of it. I can put up with THE POSTMAN and I have to see PAYBACK at least a couple of times a year. Still, if Helgeland doesn't do anything for you, there is the small matter of Oscar winners Mr. Crowe and Mr. Scott.
Extra Tidbit: Ideas for who should be cast as Robin Hood?



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