Hellboy 2 site active

Hellboy 2 Guillermo Del Toro's currently in Budapest just about ready to roll (cameras, that is) on HELLBOY: THE GOLDEN ARMY, the sequel to the film that brought the titular lovably altruistic demon to the big screen. In conjunction with the start of production, Sony has unleashed a pretty fantastic official site for the film. On top of the regular official site goodies, we get a welcome video blog, which will hopefully be the first of many that'll continue throughout production, from Del Toro from Budapest, another video featuring Doug Jones all Abe Sapien-ed out and some great artwork, one of which is to the right, complete with Del Toro's personal notes on each picture. And that's just based on a cursory skim through the site. There's sure to be tons more stuff on there so give it a good perusal over HERE. The film opens July 11th of next year.

Extra Tidbit: Del Toro turned down offers to direct HALO, I AM LEGEND and HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE to direct THE GOLDEN ARMY.



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