Hellboy pic a go

Back in my early years when comic book collecting was an obsession of mine, I remember hating all things Mike Mignola.  I was more of a fan of Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Art Adams and guys like that.  They catered more to my young, uncultured tastes.   I'm still not exactly a Mignola fan, but I've come to respect his work as I've grown older and my tastes expanded.  This includes HELLBOY, a comic which has now been given the greenlight by Revolution Studios to be a feature film directed by Guillermo Del Toro.  I can't share the gushing excitement over this that I can for DAREDEVIL or SPIDER-MAN because I didn't grow up on it.  It just passed under my radar.  But Del Toro's a pretty cool director and he could make a pretty cool film if given the right tools.  I don't exactly love the choice of Ron Perlman probably cause I still can't shake the image of him from that "Beauty and the Beast" TV show but that's just me.  Vin Diesel would've been the much more obviously commercial choice but it appears he has better things to do.  So congrats to Del Toro and all the HELLBOY fans who are excited about this news.  I hope to be excited by this film when I see more from it...


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