Hellboy promo art hints the movie is aiming for a 2018 release

Earlier this month fanboys lost their marbles over the news that HELLBOY was getting the reboot treatment with Neil Marshall directing and David Harbour starring. Battle lines were officially drawn as to whether or not this was a smart move or a sacrilegious slight against the Guillermo del Toro/Ron Perlman series, and as it turns out the final product will be available for both sides’ judgment sooner than we thought.

Thanks to a piece of promo art that was seen around the Cannes Film Festival and was obtained by IGN, we now know the movie, HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN, will be ready for us as soon as next year.

Take a look for yourself and click to embiggen!

Nothing else was given but the year, but we can assume given the nature of production schedules we could see it sometime next fall, like an October release, which would complement the horror style they’re going for. The movie’s writer Andrew Cosby said the movie will be a “gruesome” take on the character, something that the art also hints will mean the movie will go to the comics’ darker roots.

The HELLBOY franchise is indeed a notable entry in the careers of both Toro and Perlman, and it's a shame they won't get to conclude their trilogy of films. But maybe the time is right for a new take on the red hero, and everyone involved seems passionate enough to get it done. We'll know soon if they succeeded, and if they fail there will be hell to pay.

HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN is aiming for 2018.

Source: IGNCannes



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