Hellraiser remake to be handled by My Bloody Valentine duo Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer

There was some minor panic the other day when a rumor went around that Dimension's long-planned remake of Clive Barker's HELLRAISER might be going in more of a teen-friendly direction.

But it actually sounds like the project is in good horror hands after all. STYD says that Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier, the writer-director team behind MY BLOODY VALENTINE and the upcoming DRIVE ANGRY, will be the ones bringing Pinhead and his agony inflicters into the mortal realm for some tasty chaos. (And likely in 3D.)

There were reportedly a number of recent pitches by various talent vying for the remake job, but Lussier already has a long history with the studio -- he worked with them on the SCREAM trilogy and numerous other movies, including an attempt last year to squeeze HALLOWEEN 3 into his and Farmer's schedule before making DRIVE ANGRY.

And it's safe to say this HELLRAISER won't be toned down a notch. Knowing what I do of Lussier (disclosure: he's been attached to direct my own action-horror script CONDITION DEAD for a while), there's no way he'd want to make it unless they could go crazy with the crimson and carnage.

Extra Tidbit: Now that Amber Heard rumor makes a bit more sense...
Source: STYD



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