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I recently lost my father to cancer and received this email below from a fan a few days ago, and thought it made sense to post it up. We don't normally run non-movie related stuff to the site, but hey...with "power" comes responsibility, right? ;) No need to donate any money if you don't have any to donate, but learning about the causes of these cancers, or how to detect them, may also help you along the way. The 2 links below are just suggestions of sites that take donations. Whatever you can do to help someone who is suffering in this world, will likely make you a better person in the long run.


Cancer seems to be ravaging our favorite entertainment medium recently. It hits especially close to home for me, having been diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I was lucky enough to have found it early enough to treat it but there is no way I would have survived without film. Chemotherapy is simply put, A Motherf*cker, it makes you feel pretty much like death; you need little things just to keep you going. For me it was film, anything and everything, just so long as it kept my head in a good place.

All of this got me thinking; think of all the amazing directors, writers, cinematographers, actors, etc… that we have lost early from cancer. Seriously, go on IMDB, seems like damn near half of them died of cancer. How many young people die from cancer every day before they even get their chance to make their own Satyricon or Giant F*cking Robot movie? It’s a bit ancillary to the actual issue but think of all the masterpieces we may be missing. 

This is where JoBlo.com comes in, as a major player in the internet film community; you have the incredible built in audience to change the world for the better. I would love to see you include a link for the cancer research charity of your choice on the bottom of every story you run for a week. You get millions of viewers every week, if each contributed nothing but a penny, that’s still thousands of dollars that could lead to a cure, or to a form of chemo that doesn’t take away one’s ability to function. I’ve read the site everyday for five years now, and as a college student I understand that your readers aren’t the most financially secure at this moment in their lives but any little donation would be huge. This would be a great opportunity to put the site to great use. 

Thanks for even reading this, and I apologize if it breaks your no requests rule, I just figured it was worth a shot. -- Daniel"

The V Foundation
The Cancer Research Institute

Source: JoBlo.com



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