Henry Cavill is contractually obligated to play Superman only once more

*Spoilers for JUSTICE LEAGUE below*

One aspect of JUSTICE LEAGUE fans seem to be in agreeance upon is that this version of the movie gets Superman (Henry Cavill) right. Though he’s not on screen long he’s full of optimism and even manages to crack a few jokes. This hopeful Supes is one Cavill is excited to play in future DCEU movies, but according to a recent interview, he may not have many more opportunities.

While speaking to the LA Times about his character's rebirth in LEAGUE (and trying so hard to keep it all secret) it was revealed that Cavill is contractually obligated to play the Man of Steel only one more time. Still, Cavill seems positive about the future, saying the opportunity is now here to tell the perfect Superman story:

There's a wonderful opportunity to tell the Superman story. Now there is a fantastic chance to show Superman in his full colors and tell a very complex, character-driven movie that is based on story and have that wonderful sensation of hope and happiness. A feel-good movie with lessons laced in there as well.

Of course, I’m sure he would be offered an extension of the contract if he so chooses. JL makes only three appearances for Supes so far, and Cavill seems to still be having the time of his life with the role, especially now that the character has a whole new sense of vigor. We have no idea when he will appear as the character next, but if Cavill does decide it will be his last time, we can be sure the role will be huge. 

There are several other solo movies the works from DC and Warner Bros., including AQUAMAN, SHAZAM! and WONDER WOMAN 2. But, so far, there has been no development on a MAN OF STEEL 2, with producer Charles Roven saying there’s no script yet, and that they’re still kicking around ideas. As well, a JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 doesn’t seem to be on the way anytime soon, especially now that this first JL had the worst opening weekend of any DCEU movie yet.

JUSTICE LEAGUE certainly won’t make any end-of-the-year lists for me this year, but I agree this Superman is one I would want to see much more of in the future. He’s no longer mopey and dour, and Cavill is right that now is the time for a colorful Superman movie. Maybe he and Batman can have a buddy cop, team-up movie. You know, as a way of patching things up. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE is in theaters now.

Source: LA Times



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