Henry Cavill praises Aquaman by taking a swim with a special trident

It’s official: AQUAMAN is a big, fat, colorful, action-packed hit that’s on its way to becoming the biggest DCEU movie yet thanks to a massive global haul at the box office (currently at $846 million). Congratulations are in order, and no doubt director James Wan and star Jason Momoa are swimming in the praise from friends, family and everyone in the biz. But the highest of praise could come from no mightier source than Superman himself – Henry Cavill – who took a dunk in the water to send his love to the AQUAMAN team.

Cavill took to his Instagram recently to share his thoughts on the superhero flick after finally getting to see it, and he found the perfect way to send his message. De-robing and dipping into what looks like freezing water in Hungary, the actor took his own mighty trident and wrote, “Channeling the man of the hour, the man of big hugs, big laughs and big pints of Guinness, my man Jason Momoa. How’d I do? Seriously though, I just finally got the chance to watch Aquaman here in Hungary. Jason, James and everyone involved in that movie, smashes it out of the (water)park. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out. Jason, love you bro, you crushed it.”

The duo shared the screen together in 2017’s JUSTICE LEAGUE, which didn’t do quite as well at the box office, and of which AQUAMAN is already very close to out-grossing domestically. Lord knows if the duo will get to be onscreen together again as their superhero characters, as the prospect of a second JL movie seems very high up in the air at this point, with reports that Cavill may be out as the Man of Steel. But, who knows, maybe given that Aquaman as a lot more pull now he can intimidate some folks at the studio into working something out...lest they feel the wrath of the seven seas.

AQUAMAN is in theaters now. 

Source: Henry Cavill



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