Update 2: Henry Cavill hanging up the cape as Superman in the DCEU?

 UPDATE 2: This situation continues to get...stranger. In response to today's news, Cavill has posted a very odd Instagram post that's as cryptic as everything else. What does it mean? A Krypto solo film? A new gym attire company from Cavill? His favorite Superman toy on display? Shit, who knows. Now, they're just "toying" with us...


Today was exciting #Superman

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UPDATE: Henry Cavill's manager has suggested that "the cape" is still in Cavill's "closet" via Twitter and WB gave an official statement to THR in an update to their story that reads: "While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we’ve always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged." Still doesn't offer any clear direction on whether Cavill is here to stay or gone for good, so I guess we can file this under "developing." Stay tuned.

For anyone hoping they would get to see Henry Cavill soar through the sky once more as Superman – preferably in MAN OF STEEL 2 – today is about to get off to a rough start. A new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that despite Superman being reborn with a new lease on life and playful attitude in JUSTICE LEAGUE, Cavill’s time as the Man of Steel is coming to end as Warner Bros. and DC are looking to hit the “restart” button on some of their properties.

Cavill, who has appeared in three movies as Superman in the DCEU – MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE – is said to be hanging up the cape after attempts to get more appearances of the character on-screen have failed. The most recent attempt was to have him cameo in the upcoming movie SHAZAM!, but contract negotiations between WB and Cavill's reps began to crumble.

On top of that Cavill has accepted the lead role in Netflix’s THE WITCHER series, which would effectively take up a lot of his time. A source claims that THE WITCHER deal came after the impasse between Cavill and WB regarding the SHAZAM! cameo, while another says him starring in the series is actually attributing to scheduling conflicts with appearing in the movie (even though the show hasn't even begun to start production). Deadline was able to confirm that Cavill's work on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT also contributed to the scheduling conflicts.

Whatever the deal with the cameo is, Cavill has few opportunities to show up as Supes, and given that a MAN OF STEEL sequel would be years away, the odds of him returning to the blue suit are growing thinner and thinner. One studio source told THR, “Superman is like James Bond, and after a certain run you have to look at new actors.”

Word is that DC is also shifting focus off Superman and setting their sights on the in-development SUPERGIRL movie, currently being scripted by Oren Uziel. The piece cites that the SUPERGIRL  movie would be an origin story for the teen superhero, which would mean Kal-El/Superman would be an infant during the movie - meaning no room for Cavill. However, the CW SUPERGIRL show has included a grown Superman once or twice, which mean the movie could work that out too if they wanted. 

Neither Cavill, his reps or the studio have confirmed the news, so a lot can change on this front. Perhaps the studio and Cavill can come to an arrangement to keep him around or to have him show up in another movie soon. The odds of that seem unlikely, as the slate of movies beyond WONDER WOMAN 1984 (which will have no Superman) is a bit unclear. 

It would be a damn shame if he left the part, as JL left him with plenty of room to grow. Some may not have liked his more dramatic, grounded take on the character, but come the end of JL we started to see signs of the more optimistic, truly heroic Superman we didn't see in the previous outings. The point is he had more adventures left in him, but sadly, the box office and critical reception to the DC films (sans WONDER WOMAN) has led to the shift in strategy and focus from WB and DC. We will keep you up to date should anything develop or change.

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