Henry Cavill throws down in Mission: Impossible 6 teaser

The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies may be Tom Cruise’s show, but that doesn’t mean the supporting cast won’t get to throw down every now and again. In the new movie – FALLOUT – we get a new addition in Henry Cavill, and you can’t have Superman in a movie like this without having him knock out some fools. Luckily, we get a glimpse at that in the new, very, very, very, very brief teaser for this Sunday’s trailer.

The six-second spot was posted on the movie’s Twitter page, and in it, you can see Cavill decking some poor soul. As well there’s plenty of vehicle action, showing Cruise on a motorcycle, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames on a boat, and Cruise flying a helicopter way too close to a truck. All we need now is an X-Wing and we’ve covered all the bases.

This is just one short tease on top of other goodies to come out in M:I 6’s media blitz, with the first poster dropping yesterday, which came off the first image and title reveal last week. We will get the very first trailer on Sunday when it airs during the Super Bowl, which will be miles more exciting than the game. I’m not psychic, but let’s call this a "confident hypothesis."

 Cavill is an awesome addition to the series, and I’m anxious to know more about his role. During an interview where Cruise dished on how he broke his ankle on the set, he said it was during a scene where he was chasing Cavill’s character. I sense a matchup to end all matchups.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT hit theaters July 27, and check back here Sunday for the first trailer!

Source: Twitter



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