Here comes the live action Dora the Explorer movie and it looks awesome!

No, this is not a joke. Ok, well it is kind of a joke. The brilliant minds over at College Humor put together a fake trailer for a DORA THE EXPLORER movie featuring MODERN FAMILY star Ariel Winter in the title role. The trailer for DORA THE EXPLORER AND THE DESTINY MEDALLION garnered so much attention on Facebook and YouTube that the site decided to produce a three part web series.

Beginning on March 19th the series looks like a combination of the Nickelodeon series and the INDIANA JONES films. The poster evokes the classic RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK poster. Everything about this project is awesome. Having young kids, I have been subjected to these shows. I know they have value for preschool children, but they are tedious to sit through. Imagining the show as a sort of TOMB RAIDER for kids is all the better. College Humor, I salute you.

I am a bit surprised that Nickelodeon approved this which means they probably didn't. All the better. Check out the mini-series trailer below.

Source: College Humor



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