Here is the trailer for Pixar Short Films Volume II

It shocks me that there are Pixar haters out there. There is no animation studio as consistently inventive and innovative as Pixar. Think about the state of animation before TOY STORY was released and tell me that we are not better with their films than without them.

That being said, while some of their feature work has not been as top notch in recent years (but still damn good), their shorts have always been fantastic. I often think of them like Stephen King. While I love King's novels, they sometimes suffer under their own weight. But, his short stories are lean, mean, and amazing. Pixar shorts are the Stephen King of animation.

They are preparing to release the second volume of their animated shorts on Blu-ray and DVD on November 13th alongside BRAVE. Volume I collected their earliest shorts and you saw the quality grow over the course of the 90 minute collection. Volume II is comprised of shorts made mostly in the last five years but also includes student films from head honchos John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter.

Here is the full list of shorts on Volume II:

  • Nitemare (with Introduction)
  • Lady And The Lamp (with Introduction)
  • Somewhere In The Arctic (with Introduction)
  • A Story (with Introduction)
  • Winter (with Introduction)
  • Palm Springs (with Introduction)
  • Next Door (with Introduction)
  • Your Friend The Rat (with Commentary)
  • Presto (with Commentary)
  • BURN*E (with Commentary)
  • Partly Cloudy (with Commentary)
  • Dug’s Special Mission (with Commentary)
  • George & A.J. (with Commentary)
  • Day & Night (with Commentary)
  • Hawaiian Vacation (with Commentary)
  • Air Mater (with Commentary)
  • Small Fry (with Commentary)
  • Time Travel Mater (with Commentary)
  • La Luna (with Commentary)

PIXAR SHORT FILMS collections are a great way to enjoy the wonder of Pixar in short bursts. They also serve as a tasty appetizer for the full length films. Check out the trailer below.

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